About the Part-Time Experts

The Part-Time Experts is the brainchild of experienced Commercial and Financial Director Marcus King who has worked in a huge range of industries including mobile communications, recruitment, retail and entertainment. He has helped many companies survive the recession through identifying cost savings in a whole spectrum of areas such as utilities, IT equipment and admin. Through this work, Marcus recognised a need to provide businesses with professional help and expertise as and when they required it. Many companies can't afford full-time expertise and, indeed, many companies don't actually need it.

The Part-Time Experts provides expertise across key commercial functions including finance, procurement and business systems. We also use our years of experience to give you invaluable advice on setting up your business and moving it forward. We'll even get your business in shape to be sold. We offer advice online or we'll come into your offices and work alongside you and your team. Whether you're a start-up or an established business, we'll give you as much or as little expert help as you need.

Take your next step to business success.

www.parttimeexperts.co.uk - Office: 08000 630 924 - Mobile: 07525 800 308 - Email: marcus@parttimeexperts.co.uk