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Financial... it's in your interest

Interest rates are still at an all-time low. But are the costs of the financial products and services you use at an all-time low? Banks are trying to claw back profitability in any way they can and are putting up charges. There are specialists who can perform some of the traditional functions more efficiently and more cheaply. Indeed, we've identified savings of over 25% in foreign exchange costs and almost 30% in credit card processing. And there are some very competitive interest rates out there as various companies lower their rates at different times to gain market share. It can be hard to keep track but that's what we do so that you don't have to.

On the other side of the financial coin, there's your accountant. Essential to any business and there to save you money. But is your accountant costing you too much? If you've had the same accountant for years, it might be time to look elsewhere or to negotiate lower fees. Accountants are finding it as tough as the rest of us and many have lowered their prices.

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